Few words about Manufacturing & Trading Co., Huy Hoang Minh

A. About Us

1. Company: Manufacturing & Trading Co., Huy Hoang Minh

2. Address: 17/50 Park Street United 5-6, Binh Hung Hoa B Ward, Binh Tan, HCMC.

- Email:
- Web:;

3. The business registration certificate No. 0311672678 by the Department of Planning - Investment of Ho Chi Minh City.
- Tel: 08-3 601 8286 ;  08-66782558 Fax: 08-35886062

4.Taxcode: 0311672678

5. Lines of business registration:
- Production, processing and trading of technical rubber products
- Composite products manufacturing, plastic, EVA Mut ...
- Technical consultancy, technology transfer
- Production and assembly equipment, electronic components, computer ....

6. Account: Bank Branch Asia-Le Van Sy, Tan Binh Dist 7.So account: 79102469

B. Capacity

1. Total area: 1,200 m2

3. Total employees: 34 people

2. Workshop area: 600m2

4. Working time:
Office: 7:45 am-11h45 pm: 13h30-17h30
Production department: 7 pm -23 g. (Can do three shifts per day)

5. Equipment:

- Vulcanizing presses kinds of products for various sizes largest: rubber sheet 1200 * 1200 mm and the weight of a small product gr.
- Line officers closed banbary training capacity: 4,000 kg / day
- Technology and the color coating line up in rubber products.

6. Main Products: rubber products, Technical rubber, plastics, composites, foam ....

7, criteria for quality and price.
"The quality of fit, reasonable price to create the most effective product"
"The company's name and trademarks are valuable assets of our company!"

C. Featured products

* The type of rubber wheels of metal, high load bearing wheel lift, wheel

* The products of metal rubber adhesive.

* The type of rubber shaft - bearing metal,

* The types of rubber parts in the water supply, PVC fittings.

* The type of expansion joints of reinforced rubber, rubber bridge bearing plate (in transportation)

* Details of rubber parts in the machinery equipment for cement, coal, electricity, hydropower, health, construction machinery, construction machines, vibrating machines, rock crushers, concrete batching plants concrete, etc ...

* Rubber feet for motorbike, car rubber fenders, mup bridge connecting bracing, ..

* The type of rubber in contact with food, drinking water exposure (biological water ...) Rubber traffic work: safety column signals, median strips, bridge expansion joints, bridge bearing pad, port buffer.

When you need, please contact directly with specialists and our technical advice and techniques to meet the needs of customers.
Satisfaction of customers is the success of our company!